Howell & Brighton Waxing Services

You will enjoy your waxing experience in our discreet spa setting.  We offer the most gentle wax available on the market today. Cirepil is even gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types.  Hair growth for waxing services should be 1/4″ long, usually 6-8 weeks, between waxing services.

Waxing is not recommended for those on certain prescribed medications including Accutane, ProActive and Retin A or blood thinners.  Please know we offer tweezing services for guests on medications. Please always mention to your Esthetician that you are on medication, if you are.


$16.00 – Eyebrow

We don’t just wax your brows, we consult with our guests and create the perfect brow shape just for them!

$14.00 – Upper Lip or Chin

$48.00 – Full Face

$18.00 – Cheeks

$60.00 – Full Leg

$35.00 – Lower or Upper Leg

$35.00 – Full Arm

$25.00 – Lower or Upper Arm

$23.00 – Underarm

$15.00 – Stomach

$45.00 – Bikini

$55.00 – Brazilian

$55.00 – Back

$55.00 – Chest

Men’s waxing needs

$55.00 – Back Wax

Includes shoulders, neck and down to buttocks – It’s not a horrible experience, you will be surprised at how pain free it is.

$55.00 – Chest Wax

Chest down to belt buckle

$4.00 – Nose Wax

$4.00 – Ear Wax