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A Little About Allyse

Casa de Bella Stylist

Inspiration- my clients inspire me! That’s right, YOU are my inspiration! When clients feel the tug to “step outside the box”…..(and I mean that in more ways than one……step AWAY from the store bought haircolor)- I love to encourage hair transformation! I will always do my best to guide you in a direction that will work for your hair type, your face shape/coloring and your life style! Some transformations take more time than others, and that’s another thing I will always communicate through your hair journey! None of us have the time or the money of a Kardashian so, let’s just promise to be real with eachother? Deal?! Deal!

Favorite Product- I absolutely LOVE the Redken Anti Snap and Redken‘s CAT treatment!! I’ve seen amazing changes in the texture and strength of those clients who are challenged with weak, dry or brittle hair from heat or chemical damage.

Why Me??- I‘ve never been one to learn by the book and that’s not how I see my clients, as a “one size fits all”. I always take my clients thoughts and ideas to heart and then work with them to create a look that fits their unique style, life and budget!