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A Little About Cookie

Proud Owner

I am blessed to be a part of Casa de Bella Salon, as a co-owner and guest service coordinator.  I am very involved with the everyday operations of this amazing Company and always enjoy time spent in the building.  Whether it be behind the desk greeting guests, answering calls to schedule appointments, or just visiting our guests fills me with pride.   Being in business with my daughter is something I never imagined as she told me her dreams of having her own salon one day.

  Overseeing a team of professional women, that seek to do the best in their careers, is far beyond anything I ever imagined in my lifetime.  Watching them as they support and uplift each other is the best!  Seeing how hard they work to balance their careers and family life gives me a great appreciation for the strong women that they are.

After a lifetime of being a mom and having the gift of many children in my life as a daycare provider, I can’t think of any other way I want to spend my days than with a bunch of loving, gifted, caring women that I would claim as my own anyday, anytime.